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White-lipped peccary: this boar-like creature roams the Amazon forest in huge herds

30 November 2017

This large mammal is a key component of the rainforest ecosystem.
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“Crying wolf” - some primates may use false alarm calls to monopolize food sources

13 November 2017

At least one of the calls that fill the Amazon forest may be used for tactical deception.
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Tambopata - Protecting eight different types of Amazon forest ecosystem

30 October 2017

The variety of its ecosystems accounts for the Reserve’s extraordinary biodiversity.
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Tambopata National Reserve - One of the world's major nature reserves

12 October 2017

This protected area of Peru's Amazon rainforest offers visitors an unrivaled experience.
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Ecotourism - Growth in sustainable travel has created more protected natural areas

21 September 2017

Growing public focus on conservation areas has led to a boom in sustainable tourism
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Hundreds of new species are still being discovered in the Amazon

08 September 2017

An average of one new species every two days is identified in South America’s tropical forests.
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When is the best time to visit the Amazon rainforest?

28 August 2017

There are definite advantages to visiting tropical forests at any time of year.
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Big trees play a critical role in the mitigation of climate change

15 August 2017

As they grow, trees capture and store carbon from the atmosphere.
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The palm tree that can walk: One of the Amazon’s most unusual plant species

24 July 2017

One species of tree is able to relocate by growing new aerial roots.
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Short-eared dog: A unique South American canine species

11 July 2017

This wild dog is one of the rarest species in Tambopata National Reserve.
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What your rainforest visit means

In Peru it is tourism that has made it possible to create national reserves and save the forests of the Amazon basin from destruction. By working to encourage travelers to visit the rainforest, we are ensuring it will be around for future generations to appreciate. Pioneering projects like Tambopata Ecolodge, which was established in 1991, provide the model that teaches local people the importance of conserving our natural heritage, by showing them that forests are worth more to us all when they are left to flourish, instead of being exploited.

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