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The nature of the world: The planet's rainforests continue to disappear

14 September 2016

The rainforests are a global treasure that should be preserved for all humanity
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Jaguar: The biggest cat in the Americas

30 August 2016

Travelers are occasionally fortunate enough to spot a solitary jaguar when journeying along the Tambopata River
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Quinine: The plant-based medicine that saved millions of lives

05 August 2016

Cinchona, the tree genus from which quinine was traditionally extracted, features on Peru's national coat-of-arms
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Anaconda: Known to local people as the "water mother"

25 July 2016

In common with other parts of the Amazon basin, Tambopata National Reserve is home to the enormous green anaconda.
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"Holy wood": A traditional medicinal plant, used for centuries by indigenous cultures in the Americas

12 July 2016

Tambopata National Reserve is home to a remarkable tree with properties that have been exploited for centuries.
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Leaf cutter ants: Just one remarkable example of the millions of insect species living in the Amazon basin

26 June 2016

Tambopata National Reserve is home to countless tens of thousands of insect species.
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Peruvian spider monkeys: An endangered species that has found refuge in Tambopata

01 June 2016

Tambopata National Reserve provides the habitat for eight species of monkey, including the spider monkey.
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Cold weather in South America's Amazon forests

13 May 2016

Cold air masses from Antarctica can lead to lower than normal temperatures in the Amazon basin.
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Kapok trees: Giants of the Amazon forest with a cathedral-like structure

05 May 2016

Tambopata National Reserve is home to the kapok tree, so massive it dwarfs those species that make up the forest canopy.
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Oxbow lakes: The bodies of water left behind as rivers alter their course offer some of the best opportunities to spot Amazon wildlife

20 April 2016

In the Amazon basin, the still waters of oxbow lakes provide an ideal habitat for many species of fauna and flora.
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Rainforest Alliance - Tambopata Eco Lodge

What your rainforest visit means

In Peru it is tourism that has made it possible to create national reserves and save the forests of the Amazon basin from destruction. By working to encourage travelers to visit the rainforest, we are ensuring it will be around for future generations to appreciate. Pioneering projects like Tambopata Ecolodge, which was established in 1991, provide the model that teaches local people the importance of conserving our natural heritage, by showing them that forests are worth more to us all when they are left to flourish, instead of being exploited.
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