Peru lifts all COVID-19 restrictions

All restrictions introduced in response to the global pandemic have been repealed


Thursday October 27, 2022:  In response to the progress of the campaign to vaccinate the entire Peruvian population, and the decline in cases within the country, the Peruvian government has announced the lifting of the state of emergency decreed two and a half years ago, in the first weeks of the global pandemic.


The new measure will be made official this Friday, October 28. The Ministry of Health has stated that the decision to lift all the measures adopted to combat the spread of the virus was made possible by the marked decline in new infections and hospitalizations.


To date, Peru has administered more than 84.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to its population of 33.3 million, and more than 25.7 million people have received two doses, equivalent to 90% of the target population of 28.5 million. More than 20.8 million people have received a third dose, while over 5.4 have so far received a fourth dose.



Tambopata Ecolodge
Guests’ Health Protocol


The purpose of these recommendations is to inform Tambopata Ecolodge guests regarding the changes to the Covid-19 preventive health measures implemented by our company in accordance with the guidelines of the Peruvian government and international organizations, for the prevention of infection among guests, employees or other persons at our eco-lodge and company offices. While we have relaxed earlier restrictions, we continue to maintain the very highest health and hygiene standards, to ensure our guests are safe when traveling with us.


Upon arrival:

  • While use of facemasks is no longer required, it is recommended in enclosed, crowded spaces. We recommend that guests travel with a supply of facemasks for their own protection in situations where they feel they may be exposed to Covid-19. Those guests who display Covid-19 symptoms are requested to use facemasks. Travelers testing positive for Covid-19 are required to self-isolate from other travelers outside their social bubble, and to quarantine.
  • Our vehicles are duly authorized by the Provincial Municipality of Tambopata for the transporting of tourists, and all Covid-19 prevention regulations have been implemented in our vehicles and transfer procedures. Use of facemasks is optional but recommended. 
  • Our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each service, including seats, handrails, door handles, and windows.

At our Puerto Maldonado office:

  • In the city of Puerto Maldonado, we have a 300 square-meter office for the exclusive use of our guests. Its design –open-air and partially roofed- ensures good ventilation.
  • Our office is cleaned and disinfected before the arrival of each group of guests, and after each departure; the restrooms and luggage storage rooms are also cleaned and disinfected.
  • A sanitizing station is located at the entrance to our office, where 70% alcohol-based liquid or gel sanitizer is provided for hand sanitizing.  

Aboard our boats:

  • We have fiberglass boats with individual seats that ensure greater security in terms of cleaning and disinfection.

At our Ecolodge:

  • In the communal parts of the Ecolodge, we have spacious areas in the bar, lounge and dining room, where voluntary social distancing can be observed by guests who choose to do so. At the same time, our open-air pathways and large gardens facilitate the maintaining of voluntary social distancing.
  • In the bar and lounge area, we offer a 300-square meter space, beneath a high roof and with mesh screen walls that create a well-ventilated environment, with individual tables and armchairs where guests can maintain voluntary social distancing while enjoying our excellent selection of Peruvian and international drinks. On each table you will find 70% alcohol liquid sanitizer for hand sanitizing. All communal areas are disinfected on a daily basis.
  • In the dining room, we offer a spacious 100-square meter area, with a high roof and mesh screen walls that create a well-ventilated environment, for the eating of meals at well-spaced tables with individual chairs.
  • The dining area is disinfected on a daily basis.
  • To avoid crowding, the hot drinks we offer guests as part of their full board programs are made available at several locations within the Ecolodge facilities.
  • Our spacious two-room cabins have two walls made from mesh screens, typical rainforest-style high roofs over the sleeping area, and well-ventilated bathrooms. Rooms are disinfected on a daily basis.