Tambopata Ecolodge

Guests’ Health Protocol


To ensure that our guests are safe when traveling with us, the purpose of this information is to advise Tambopata Ecolodge guests regarding the changes to the Covid-19 preventive health measures implemented by our company in accordance with the guidelines of international organizations. While we have relaxed earlier restrictions, we continue to maintain the very highest health and hygiene standards.


Upon arrival:

  • While use of facemasks is no longer required, their use is recommended for those guests who display cold-like or Covid-19 symptoms. Travelers testing positive for Covid-19 are requested to self-isolate from other travelers outside their social bubble.
  • In our vehicles, all Covid-19 prevention measures have been implemented. Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each service.

At our Puerto Maldonado office:

  • In the city of Puerto Maldonado, we have a 300 square-meter office for the exclusive use of our guests. Its design –open-air and partially roofed- ensures good ventilation.
  • We provide 70% alcohol-based liquid or gel for hand sanitizing.  

At our Ecolodge:

  • In the communal parts of the Ecolodge, we have 70% alcohol liquid sanitizer available for hand sanitizing.
  • In the bar and lounge area, we offer a 300-square meter space, beneath a high roof and with mesh screen walls that create a well-ventilated environment, with individual tables and armchairs where guests can maintain voluntary social distancing while enjoying our excellent selection of Peruvian and international drinks. In the dining room, we offer a spacious 100-square meter area, with a high roof and mesh screen walls that create a well-ventilated environment.
  • Our spacious rooms have two walls made from mesh screens, typical rainforest-style high roofs over the sleeping area, and well-ventilated, modern bathrooms with tile floors to provide additional coolness and facilitate cleaning.