Tambopata Ecolodge - Covid-19 Guests’ Health Protocol


I. Introduction

El SARS-CoV-2 belongs to the Coronaviridae family of viruses, which cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is a strain previously unidentified in humans, which is transmitted from person to person through water droplets or aqueous particles that remain in the air when a person coughs, sneezes, speaks, or has contact with infected individuals. Symptoms may include fever, coughing, sore throat, nasal congestion, general debility, and breathing difficulties. The onset of symptoms may be gradual, and not all patients display symptoms in the same way. Some patients do not develop any symptoms at all.


In confirmed Covid-19 cases, 80% of those affected recover without accessing any special treatment. However, approximately 20% of infected persons develop serious symptoms, including difficulty breathing, and the mortality rate among patients is 2%. The World Health Organization (WHO) advises that older people and those suffering from respiratory diseases, diabetes, obesity or heart conditions are more at risk from serious Covid-19 symptoms (https://www.gob.pe/8371-que-son-los-coronavirus).

II. Objectives

To inform Tambopata Ecolodge guests regarding the Covid-19 preventive health measures implemented by the company, and which they should follow, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Peruvian government and international organizations. To prevent infection among guests, employees or other persons at the Tambopata Ecolodge and our company offices.


1. Upon arrival at Puerto Maldonado airport:

  • Guests must maintain the recommended social distance of 1.50 meters at all times. The use of a face mask is mandatory at the airport, in our vehicles, and at our Puerto Maldonado office. Since the use of a face mask will be mandatory throughout their stay, we recommend that guests travel with enough masks to comply with the country's regulations and to protect their health. The use of a face mask is not required in guests’ rooms and during mealtimes in the Ecolodge's dining room.
  • Maintaining the social distance (1.50 meters) recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), one of our naturalist guides will contact you and communicate the guidelines for handling luggage, boarding our vehicle, and use of our city office.
  • Our 30-seat vehicles are duly authorized by the Provincial Municipality of Tambopata for the transporting of tourists, and all Covid-19 prevention regulations have been implemented in our vehicles and transfer procedures.
  • In accordance with current regulations, only window seats are used, meaning that only 50% of our vehicles’ capacity is utilized.
  • Your luggage will be loaded by the driver of the vehicle. At all times, our driver will use a face mask, gloves and personal protective clothing.  
  • All passengers must use the footwear sanitizing mat before boarding the vehicle.
  • During the transfer, the use of a face mask is mandatory inside the vehicle. You will find 70% alcohol liquid or gel sanitizer in the vehicle, provided for hand sanitizing.
  • Our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each service, including seats, handrails, door handles, and windows.

2. Upon arrival at our Puerto Maldonado office:

  • In the city of Puerto Maldonado, we have a 300 square-meter office for the exclusive use of our guests. Its design –open-air and partially roofed- ensures good ventilation.
  • Use of face masks is mandatory in our office.
  • Guest attention in our office is provided only by our transfer staff. There will be no contact between guests and other members of our office staff, or with persons unrelated to the company and its operations.
  • We avoid the use of physical paperwork.
  • Our office is cleaned and disinfected before the arrival of each group of guests, and after each departure; the restrooms and luggage storage rooms are also cleaned and disinfected.
  • A footwear sanitizer mat is located at the entrance to our office. Each guest must perform the correct footwear disinfection procedure, by standing on the mat and making sure that the entire sole of their footwear is bathed in the disinfectant solution.
  • A sanitizing station is located at the entrance to our office, where liquid or gel 70% alcohol-based sanitizer is providing for hand sanitizing.  
  • At the entrance to our office, our trained staff takes each guest's temperature with an infrared clinical thermometer. If a person has a temperature higher than 38°C., in accordance with health authority guidelines, they will be accompanied to a nearby health center for a Covid-19 test.   
  • In the event of a positive test, in accordance with health authority guidelines, the guest will not be permitted to continue with the contracted service, and they will be assisted in complying with the required quarantine period (see our Terms and Conditions).  
  • We provide allour guests with a duffel bag, correctly disinfected and sealed in a plastic bag, for the packing of their belongings. Each guest should take with them only what they will need for their stay at the Ecolodge. Additional luggage is stored securely at our Puerto Maldonado office.
  • During the labeling and storage procedure, each piece of luggage left at our Puerto Maldonado luggage storage facility will be disinfected with a 70% alcohol-based solution.

3. On our boats:

  • Use of a face mask is mandatory on our boats.
  • We have fiberglass boats with individual seats that ensure greater security in terms of cleaning, disinfection and social distancing.
  • Each seat is equipped with a lifejacket, duly disinfected and sealed in a plastic bag. We assign a guest’s name to each lifejacket, for their exclusive use during their entire stay.
  • When boarding the boat, you will find a 70% alcohol-based sanitizer dispenser available for hand sanitizing.

4. Upon arrival at the Ecolodge:

  • Use of a face mask is mandatory in our Ecolodge facilities.
  • Before entering the Ecolodge facilities, each person must use the footwear sanitizer mat provided. Washstands on the path leading to the reception area are equipped with soap and water for handwashing.
  • Respecting social distancing, in the spacious bar area, you will be welcomed by our naturalist guides and lodge management and given your room key. During this meeting, each guest will receive information on the use of their room and Covid-19 prevention recommendations. We avoid the use of physical paperwork.
  • Properly equipped with the correct PPE, our staff will take care of the luggage transfer. They will collect the bags from the boat, and leave them in sterilized plastic bags on the path leading to the rooms.
  • In the communal parts of the Ecolodge, we have spacious areas in the bar, lounge and dining room, where social distancing is respected. At the same time, our open-air pathways and large gardens facilitate the maintaining of social distancing.
  • In the bar and lounge area, we offer a 300-square meter space, beneath a high roof and with mesh screen walls that create a well-ventilated environment, with individual tables and armchairs where guests can maintain social distancing while enjoying our excellent selection of Peruvian and international drinks. On each table you will find 70% alcohol liquid sanitizer for hand sanitizing.
  • Areas are disinfected with quaternary ammonium and alcohol based products on a daily basis. Our bartender will serve you from your table, thus avoiding close contact at the bar. We recommend not using the bar; instead, you should wait for table service.
  • For the duration of the global pandemic, we will only serve bottled beverages and drinks based on bottled products, avoiding fruit-based cocktails. To avoid frequent payments during your stay, you will be asked to pay your bar bill as a single payment at the end of your stay (using cash, Visa or MasterCard).
  • Circulation of people in the bar area is duly signposted, with an access door and an exit door, to ensure compliance with current social distancing regulations.
  • In the dining room we offer a spacious 100-square meter area, with a high roof and mesh screen walls that create a well-ventilated environment, for the eating of meals at well-spaced tables with individual chairs. Tables are arranged to respect the social distancing recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • The dining area is disinfected on a daily basis using quaternary ammonium and alcohol-based
  • Use of face masks is not mandatory during mealtimes in the dining room.
  • Table service is provided at mealtimes. For the duration of the global pandemic, our naturalist guides will not share a table or meals with guests.
  • To avoid crowding, the hot drinks we offer guests as part of their full board programs will be made available at several locations within the Ecolodge facilities.
  • Our staff members are properly equipped with face masks, gloves and aprons.
  • For greater safety, all tableware is boiled and disinfected.
  • In the kitchen we have a spacious 90-square meter area, hygienically tiled and well-ventilated, with a high roof and mesh screen walls. For the moment, we will be suspending our open kitchen policy.
  • The entire area is disinfected on a daily basis using quaternary ammonium and alcohol-based
  • All foodstuffs are properly sanitized and prepared by our chef with supplies sourced from nearby farms. All ingredients used are correctly disinfected before entering the kitchen. Fruits for juices and other fresh produce are sourced from local farms, where they are produced organically and harvested in accordance with guidelines recommended by the local health authority.
  • In guests’ rooms use of face masks is not mandatory.
  • Our cabin-style rooms are fitted with tiled floors that contribute to a cooler atmosphere and facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Two of each room’s walls are made from mesh screens, providing excellent ventilation, and the bathrooms are spacious and fully tiled. Rooms are disinfected on a daily basis using quaternary ammonium and alcohol-based Extra bedcovers are kept in the closet, disinfected and sealed in plastic bags.
  • For the duration of the global pandemic, we will be removing the hammocks from the cabin-style room terraces, but guests can continue to use the chairs and tables, all of which are correctly disinfected.
  • For our excursions we maintain more than 25 kilometers of well-signposted forest trails, and we use fiberglass boats for river and lake excursions in the Tambopata National Reserve and its Buffer Zone.
  • During boat, trail and lake excursions, the use of face masks is mandatory.
  • During excursions on forest trails in the company of our naturalist guides, single file with the social distancing recommended by the WHO is maintained. In response to the Covid-19 health crisis, on forest lakes we have reduced the capacity of our boats and catamaran by 50%, to ensure social distancing. As a result of this measure, guests can now enjoy even greater comfort for wildlife observation.  
  • Each naturalist guide will accompany a maximum of eight guests during the programmed excursions.