Services included:

All meals and accommodation from arrival at the Ecolodge on day one of your itinerary to breakfast on the final day. All transport from your arrival at the town of Puerto Maldonado to your return to the local airport. All guided excursions described in the itinerary.

Services not included:

Flights to and from Puerto Maldonado; entrance fee to Tambopata National Reserve (payable directly to the Reserve authorities); any drinks you may purchase from the Ecolodge bar; tips.


For walks in the forest we recommend that you bring; light clothing, long loose-fitting trousers, long-sleeved shirts, a wide-brimmed hat and walking boots or tennis shoes. Around the lodge you can wear: shorts, T-shirts and sandals. The early mornings can be cold, especially when on the river; you should bring along a windbreaker or a sweater.

Rain gear:

Come prepared with an impermeable jacket or rain poncho, as heavy rain may fall at any moment. We have rain ponchos at the lodge but they can only be used on the lodge's trails. You should also bring swimwear for bathing at Gallocunca and other forest streams. For excursions on the Ecolodge’s trail system, wellington boots are available in a selection of sizes for use by our guests. 

Personal items:

We recommend that you bring the following items: sun block, flashlight and batteries, a daypack, water bottle, medical kit, sunglasses, pocket knife, passport, waterproof bags, insect repellent.


Please remember that we provide secure luggage storage facilities at our offices in Puerto Maldonado. Tambopata Ecolodge requires guests to leave their non-essential luggage in town before setting off for the Ecolodge. Thanks to this measure, guests can travel on to the Ecolodge in our boat much more comfortably, taking only what they will need during their stay. We supply all guests with a duffle bag for this purpose at our offices. All our guests need to do is make sure they arrive in Puerto Maldonado with what they will need during their stay packed in the top of their suitcases or backpacks, and at our offices we will give them ample time to transfer these essentials to the duffle bags provided.


It is a good idea to bring waterproof casings for all your photography equipment. Protect your cameras, binoculars, documents and any other valuables that could be damaged by moisture in any form. You will be visiting a rainforest; we will cross lakes, walk on muddy trails, embark and disembark from boats, and so there is a constant threat of moisture/water damage to gear. Wrap items in plastic bags and only take them out when you are actually going to be using them. A slip, trip, or splash by you or a companion could do damage you'll regret for the rest of your vacation.


Health and safety:

When you arrive at the lodge your guide will inform you about what you should and should not do while you are at the lodge or in the forest. We suggest that you come with insect repellent and malaria prophylaxis. Yellow fever is present but uncommon. If you have a vaccination certificate bring it with you.


None are mandatory for entering Peru, but several are recommended. For general travel, typhoid, infectious hepatitis, and polio are commonly advised. Consult your physician or local traveler's clinic.


Yellow fever:
While yellow fever vaccination is not officially required for travel to Peru, the disease is known to be present in the rainforest, and vaccinations are recommended for those traveling to all South American, Central American and Caribbean tropical forest destinations. Those seeking vaccination before travel should remember that they must receive their shot at least 10 days before arrival in the rainforest. Those already vaccinated should remember they will require a “booster” vaccination every ten years.

Health, safety and things to watch-out for:
We suggest you bear in mind the following points throughout your stay with us:

Please use footwear at all times when walking around the lodge complex.

FIRE! On every cabin balcony you will find a fire-extinguisher. Remember that we are far from the nearest town and emergency services, so please be especially vigilant.  

Water supply

Water comes from a holding tank behind the Ecolodge and is precious. Any leaks should be reported to the administration, for immediate repair. The water used at the lodge is pumped from Gallocunca stream into a 20 cubic meter tank, where it is allowed to settle to remove any sediment. Once chlorine has been added to this water, it is supplied under its own pressure to the Ecolodge’s rooms, for use in showers and washbasins. In the kitchen, part of this water is stored in a one cubic meter tank, where it is purified and filtered before being transferred to an upper tank. It is this water which is used for cooking. In addition, part of this water undergoes an ozone purification process before being used to prepare soft drinks and fill the water cooler in the dining room, as well as to fill the pitchers placed on the night tables in guest rooms. This water can be used for drinking and for brushing teeth.  Water straight from the faucet should only be used for washing and showering.
Bottled water is also available for purchase from the bar, in 620 ml and 2.5 liter bottles.


Electricity supply
The 06 Suite rooms at the Ecolodge have a 220 volt (7 amps) power supply, although this is only available until 10:00 pm. However, the Lodge also has a 12 volt supply in those same rooms, supplied by solar panels.


The 220 volt electricity supply at the Ecolodge is available at the following times and in the following areas:


1. From 10:00 to 13:00 hours in: Administration, kitchen, dining room, bar (this supply can be extended to the Suites if necessary).


2. From 17:00 to 22:00 hours in all areas of the Ecolodge, including the 06 Suite rooms. There is no electricity supply in the Superior rooms.


The Ecolodge’s 12 volt supply is generated by solar panels and is available 24 hours a day in its Suite rooms, although consumption should be limited as much as possible.


A multitude of rodent species live within the forest. Many are attracted to the smell of food. To avoid any unwanted visitors store any food you may have in the safety deposit box in your bungalow.


Clothes should not be left to dry outside overnight. Botflies, the larvae of which are parasitic, tend to lay their eggs in wet clothing, after which the eggs hatch on contact with warm skin. All clothing should be hung up inside your room at night.

Do not walk in the forest alone, and do not stray from marked trails. It is easy to get lost!

When on trails we recommend that you cover up fully (long-pants and long-sleeves), use insect repellent and tuck pants into socks.

When walking, keep an eye on the ground ahead of you for snakes and swarms of army ants. If a snake is spotted, do not approach it, inform your guide. The vast majority of snakes are harmless, although species identification can be difficult, so it is better to be safe than sorry! On no account must snakes be molested.

If confronted by a swarm of ants, step across them carefully and then check footwear and socks thoroughly before continuing.

Please do not intentionally pursue or unduly disturb any animals you may spot on trails or in and around the lodge. Remember that we are sharing this environment with them and they deserve our respect. Plants and flowers should also not be taken from their environment.


Children and infants

The Ecolodge welcomes children and infants accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children under two years of age are welcomed free of charge, when sharing a bed with their parents or guardians. Children between 2 and 12 years of age are subject to a payment of 50% of the cost of their program, and at this rate they will be accommodated in an additional bed in their parents’ or guardians’ room.  


For rainforest excursions, we limit the size of groups. Although our boats can carry up to 30 guests, with two guides assigned to those groups exceeding 10 members, on forest trails guests are divided into separate groups, each with their own guide, and they walk different trails. Each of our guides will escort a maximum of 10 guests during excursions. For transfers between the town of Puerto Maldonado and the Ecolodge, our boats can carry up to 18 passengers, and our bus seats 30 passengers.



Tips may be offered to the guides or staff at the lodge, at your own discretion.


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What your rainforest visit means

In Peru it is tourism that has made it possible to create national reserves and save the forests of the Amazon basin from destruction. By working to encourage travelers to visit the rainforest, we are ensuring it will be around for future generations to appreciate. Pioneering projects like Tambopata Ecolodge, which was established in 1991, provide the model that teaches local people the importance of conserving our natural heritage, by showing them that forests are worth more to us all when they are left to flourish, instead of being exploited.

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